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I think this line's mostly filler.

Hello. I am 25 years old and the most awkward person you will ever meet. Please don't be too afraid to message me or anything. I don't bite (I promise) ...seriously...if you're bored or lonely and want to send me a message that just says 'POTATO' I will just go with it and reply 'french fries are my favorite~'. I ramble too much and will tell you more random facts about myself than anyone would ever want to know. If you ever need to ask me to tag something or if I do something that bothers you, please just let me know, or if you simply have a suggestion about my blog I really don't mind at all. so....don't be too shy :)

What you will find here: Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, Merlin, anime, and an increasing amount of porn…. But mostly Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sometimes I don’t blog for days on end. Would that bother you? Potential mutual followers should know the worst about each other.


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Apr 18 '14





  • falling asleep on someone’s chest
  • wrapping your arms around each other
  • synching heartbeats and breathing slowly
  • falling asleep in big t-shirts and underwear
  • forehead kissies and murmured affections
  • naps


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Apr 18 '14


9x01 // 9x06 // 9x09 // 9x18

Long distance boyfriends~

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sam winchester is sO CUTE //rips shirt off and runs into the sun 


with his lil mannerisms and the fact that he likes peanut butter and banana sandwiche s and throws popcorn at dean when they watch movies and !!!! falls asleep to soft rock in the car!!!!!!!! and his dimples omg and like when he does dumb little brother things like get gleeful when dean embarrasses himself or wryly amused when people hit on dean in front of him ;u; and gosh gosh the fact that sam loves dogs! AND THE WAY HE LEANS ON DOOR-JAMBS AND STICKS HIS HIP OUT, lil bab omg! also the way his hair curls up that little bit at the ends and also like. those stickers he had on his very first laptop in s1, what even were those, saM U DORK

he’S SO CUTE HE’S THE CUTEST SWEETIE BAB i just can’T with him 


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One of the most remarkable parts about this scene for me is that Dean had already been talking on the phone. This wasn’t the first time that Dean had spoken in this conversation. But it was the first time that Dean spoke and sounded more like himself…the first time he spoke and it wasn’t all business. 

Cas made the remark about the honor bar and Dean couldn’t help but respond with his snarky “everything” and then Cas smiles like… “Oh there you are, that’s my Dean…that’s the Dean that I fell in love with.” And you can see that love written on his face…see that love written in his sweet smile.

They’ve already been talking to each other but Cas chooses now to ask Dean how he is. Dean, never one to be honest about how he’s actually doing, replies with his standard answer of “okay” or “fine” or “I’m alright” but you can see on his face that he’s not okay. He’s tired. He’s worn out. He’s fighting battles inside and out. 

How long has it been since we last saw Dean truly smile? And yet when he asks Cas how he’s doing and Cas responds and is being all Cas-like, we see this small but beautifully real smile from Dean. 

These two weary warriors that are battling heaven and hell and their own inner demons, that are tired and down-trodden, and yet they can still smile like this because of each other. And if that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. 

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based on this chat post because THAT’S REALLY DAMN CUTE ALRIGHT

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Arden Cho @ 2013 World Series of Poker

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Apr 18 '14

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Anonymous asked:

i just finished 'blood money' of ats, can you talk about your anne steele feelings because i'm having a lot of them???



she is this girl who didn’t have an identity of her own but rebuilt herself from her past. she’s a girl who didn’t have anything for her at all, no family, no passion, but she aspired to more? that’s why when we first met her she’d taken up with a cult of vampire groupies because she let herself hope that there was another kind of life for her, and she had illusions that being a vampire was so beautiful and romantic. they were shattered when she actually met one and that was… probably one of the most traumatic events of her life? yet she didn’t let that break her just yet, or maybe there wasn’t really anything left to break. in the episode anne someone took advantage of that to get her to a /fake/ care shelter (how fitting that this is what she created in the end?) that trapped and slaved her. since ricky had died she just let herself give up because becoming nobody is easy when you’re not anybody to begin with. she didn’t have one slit of hope yet until buffy showed up and tHEIR STORIES ARE SO INTRICATELY ENTWINED IT MAKES ME CRY

let me tell you about anne and buffy because this is the best part ok did you know that anne’s birth name was joan appleby? which makes buffy taking on that name in tabula rasa so meaningful! because they are both linked to each other through this identity cycle; they both in turn lose, give up and appropriate themselves identities. the name joan gave up, buffy took when she didn’t find herself anymore, when she felt lost (i feel like a joan!!!) and the name buffy gave up, anne~ took and made it into a symbol of hope, kind of? because it was buffy who inspired her to fight and not endure anymore.

so she became anne, inspired by buffy’s heroism, and set herself to make something good, better out of what she went through. 

she saved lives? she made sure that she could help people like her so they didn’t have to suffer like she did?
she found passion and strength within herself and her past?
she built herself from that and made herself a whole person?
she didn’t let anyone take that away from her again? intimidate or scare her off? (not even vampires??)
she’s a hero????

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Apr 18 '14
Spn rewatch » "Brother! I have been re-hymenated."  (Monster Movie 4.05)

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